Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Admiral Propane can give your business a lift!

cylinder exchange For businesses, forklifts are a tool that can benefit their bottom line. Admiral Propane’s cylinder tank exchange can help you take advantage of that tool.

Why use propane for forklifts?

Forklifts are critical pieces of equipment in many kinds of businesses in the Tri-Cities region of eastern Tennessee, southern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

Factories, construction companies, warehouses, farms and distribution centers use forklifts to move everything from lumber to hay bales. And there are lots of reasons for choosing propane forklifts for your business, or converting your existing gasoline forklifts to propane.

Using propane to power your forklifts is better for the environment. It has lower emissions than gasoline, and, unlike with gas, there is no damage to the air, the water or the soil if there’s a leak. Low emissions mean that you can operate the equipment indoors as well as outside.

A propane forklift lasts longer (up to twice as long as gasoline forklifts), needs fewer repairs and is easier to maintain, saving your business money. They also run at 100% power through the entire tank. They can carry loads at full capacity, up and down inclines, and are faster than electric forklifts.

You also don’t have to waste time and labor costs having to refill gasoline tanks or recharge an electric forklift. Simply swap out the empty tank for a full one, and everyone’s back to work. Cylinders can be safely stored on-site and are easily moved to where you need them.

Our forklift propane-cylinder exchange program is the safest and most efficient way to keep your propane-powered forklifts fueled and ready to roll at all times.

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