Where Do I Recycle a Grill Tank?

What to Do When You Need A New Grill Tank

new grill tank Johnson City, TN You may have noticed the signs last fall when you were cleaning your grill at the end of the season. A bit more rust, a few more dings and dents: Your trusty propane grill tank has seen better days. Rather than try to eke out one more summer, you might be thinking about disposing of it and replacing it with a new tank.

If you refill your tank at one of our locations, we will let you know if we can no longer refill it due to damage or age—and we can handle disposing of your old tank properly. If you use our tank exchange, you never need to worry: We’ll always make sure the tank you receive is in good shape when you pick it up.

How to Recycle a Grill Tank

If for some reason, you can’t bring your old tank to us, it’s important that you dispose of it properly. While a propane grill tank is metal and looks a lot like a can, you can’t put it in with your other recycling.

One of the main reasons is that if the cylinder is not completely empty of propane gas, it could explode when it is run through the various machinery at the recycling center. This is the same reason that you can’t just put it in your regular trash. The only exception are the smallest tanks for portable grills, which come with a key to allow you to release any remaining propane before you throw it away.

If you can’t bring your old portable propane cylinders to us or another propane dealer, consult your local public works department or hazardous waste management office to ask where and how to dispose of old tanks.

Refill or Exchange?

You might ask why bother with owning a portable tank. And there’s a lot to love about the convenience of swap-and go tank exchange and the ease of not worrying about the age or condition of your tank.
But many customers love the the savings they get by refilling. When you own your propane grill tank and refill it, you can save money in a few ways.

First, you’ll save on the price of the propane. The difference can be up to $1.75 per gallon!

You also save because you’ll pay only for the propane you use. When you choose to refill your propane tank, you’re only buying the propane to fill the rest of your cylinder.

With propane grill tank exchange, you’re charged for all the propane in the cylinder—including the propane left in the tank when you take it to be exchanged. Because think about it: When you see your propane cylinder is starting to run low, your instinct is to take it in to exchange before you run out. So unless you run them until they’re completely empty, you could be wasting half a tank or more over the span of a few tanks.

We Make It Easy

Whether you need a cylinder refill or exchange, or you want to pick up an extra propane grill tank so you always have a spare, Admiral is happy to help. Stop by our convenient Blountville and Greeneville locations for a quick refill, or exchange your tank at multiple other locations across the Tri-Cities area. Contact us for more information today.