Admiral Has You Covered!

propane delivery tennesseeWe’ve got a lot on our mind these days—even more than usual—and with that kind of mental clutter, it’s easy to forget simple but important things like checking your propane levels, managing your propane deliveries, or paying your heating bill altogether!

Fortunately, Admiral Propane can take at least some of that mental load off, with two FREE services that will make life a little easier for you.

Preparing For Your Propane Delivery

Here are three things you can do in the coming weeks to lighten the load in the cold weather months ahead:

  • Take Advantage of Our Online Customer Portal – Doing business with us has never been easier—just log in to our online My Account page to get information about your services, check your account, order fuel, and pay your bill. Remember to have your account number ready if you’re creating your account for the first time.
  • Sign Up for Automatic Fill – With automatic delivery, you’ll get your propane deliveries without ever having to monitor your propane tank or even having to pick up the phone! We’ll keep tabs on your average usage and the current weather to deliver your fuel when you’re at about one-quarter (25%) full – in plenty of time to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in your Tennessee or North Carolina home. Want even more peace of mind? Sign up for wireless propane tank monitoring and, for a small monthly fee, we’ll both know EXACTLY how much propane is on your tank any time of day. You can even track your tank levels in real-time via a Smartphone app! You’ll never run out of propane again!
  • Check Your Contact Information with Us – In a severe weather emergency, we’ll need to stay in contact to let you know when and where we’ll be there for a fuel delivery or propane service. Now is a great time to make sure we have the best way to reach you on file, whether via your cell phone, or a proper email address.

Take advantage of convenient, no-fee services from Admiral Propane to make your 2020/21 go a little more smoothly. Contact us today to learn more, and remember… for reliable propane delivery in the Tri-Cities and Greenville, NC, nobody beats Admiral Propane—Home of the Tan Tanks!