Aboveground or Underground Propane Tank?

Making the Best Choice for Your Home

propane tank options north carolinaAre you adding or switching to propane for your Tri-Cities area home? It’s a great decision! Propane is a versatile, eco-friendly, and an incredible energy-efficient choice to power a variety of your home’s heating systems and supplemental equipment. The next big decision is whether you want an aboveground or an underground propane tank. While aesthetics might make putting your tank underground seem like the obvious option, safety and budget are important considerations. Here’s everything you need to consider before you make your choice.

Determining Your Budget

While the cost of the tank itself mainly depends on size, an underground tank will cost as much as twice the amount.

To locate a propane tank underground, you need permits, and you need to budget for excavation, including contractors and extra labor to bury your tank properly and safely. In addition, “sacrificial anodes,” which help prevent corrosion, need to be buried near the tank. An underground tank also needs a special anti-corrosion coating and regular maintenance checks.

An above-ground tank simply needs to meet distance requirements and have appropriate permits. Sometimes, a concrete base is needed for stability, but the cost is small, and we can usually handle it for you. Because it’s aboveground, maintenance is never a tall task.


Aboveground tanks are very safe; however, they are more exposed to the elements, which can make them a little less durable if they’re subjected to extreme or extended heat and cold.

Generally, underground tanks are considered “safer” than aboveground tanks. One main reason for that is that they are protected from temperature fluctuations. Underground tanks are also safer in the event of a leak. Unlike oil, propane can’t harm soil or water, and because the tank is buried, leaking propane can’t escape into the air, causing a fire hazard.

There are numerous other factors to consider, though. For example, if you live in a flood-prone area, an aboveground tank is the safer option. Aboveground tanks stand a few inches off the ground and are bolted down making it more stable and less exposed during flood conditions.

Curb Appeal

When you invest time and money in making your home and yard look nice, you don’t want a tank ruining the view. But sometimes there isn’t the space—or the budget—to bury your tank. We understand. Usually, we can help situate your tank at the side or the back of your home, in as unobtrusive a place as possible. And we also have all our tanks painted an attractive tan shade that blends in better than a stark white or silver tank.

Of course, “good-looking tanks” shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing the right company for your propane tank installation and subsequent deliveries. But combined with all the other convenient services we offer it shows that we care about our customers and are committed to delivering great and reliable service.

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