Propane Safety Reminders For Your Home This Winter

Propane safety tennessee

Propane is one of the safest sources of home energy around – and one of the most effective fuels for keeping your family safe and warm throughout the winter here in the Blountville and Greeneville areas.

But just as with any home energy source, you have to know what to do if something goes wrong with your home propane equipment and systems.

6 important propane safety reminders

  1. Make sure all adults in your home know how to shut off the flow of gas from your propane storage tank. If you are not sure how to do that, contact us.
  2. Remind your family that a propane leak smells like rotten eggs – and be sure they know what to do if they detect that odor.
  3. Never store propane cylinders indoors or in an enclosed area such as a basement, garage, shed, or tent.
  4. Never use outdoor propane equipment (grills, portable generators, etc.) indoors: carbon monoxide (CO) from these devices is a dangerous and potentially deadly hazard.
  5. Test and replace batteries in all carbon monoxide detectors in your home every winter, following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding maintenance. Know how to spot the symptoms of CO poisoning, and what to do if someone is experiencing them. We also strongly suggest installing propane leak detectors, which will warn you of a leak in the event of propane odor loss.
  6. If severe weather is forecast:
    • Order propane – Make sure you have enough propane to last for at least a week after the storm ends in case there are road blockages or closures.
    • Listen to authorities – Monitor local media and websites for instructions on the appropriate actions to take.
    • Clean up after the storm – Clear a path to your propane tank at least one foot wide for propane delivery teams and tank maintenance. Use a broom to clear all vents, chimneys, and flues to reduce the risk of CO poisoning.
    • Keep an eye on your equipment – If you believe that any of your propane equipment has been damaged, contact us immediately for an inspection. Remember, if you shut down your propane gas supply, you are required to have a pressure test performed by a licensed propane contractor before you can use your propane equipment again.

At Admiral Propane, your safety is always priority #1! If you have any questions about propane safety in your Greenville, TN, Abingdon, VA or Marshall, NC area homes, please let us know.