Buying A Propane-Powered Home? 3 Questions to Ask

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If you’ve got your eye on a Tennessee or northern North Carolina home that is powered by propane gas, congratulations – we think it’s a very smart move.

But before you put that deposit down, you’ll need some clarity about a few things – issues that don’t apply necessarily apply to a home that uses heating oil, electricity or natural gas as an energy source.

Propane Questions For A New Home

Here are three questions to ask when considering a home that uses propane as its primary fuel:

  1. Which appliances run on propane? Just because a house has a propane tank, it doesn’t mean that all the appliances within it are propane powered. For example, a home could have propane water heater and furnace, but an electric-powered clothes dryer and range. Ask your owner to provide the home’s most recent safety inspection, which should list all propane-powered appliances used in the home. If your seller can’t produce a safety inspection papers, we highly recommend a professional inspection before committing to buy.
  2. Who owns the propane tank? Propane tanks can be property of the homeowner or leased from the propane supplier. If the seller owns the tank, make sure ownership of the tank is included in the terms of the house sale, and be sure to get all maintenance paperwork for the tank. If the propane tanks are underground, ask for proof that they are protected against rust and erosion (which is called cathodic protection). And remember: the choice about who provides your propane deliveries is yours, no matter who owns the tank!
  3. How big is the propane tank? Ideally, your propane tank should have enough capacity do the job you’re asking it to do without excessive refilling, and without spending more than you have to when filling the tank. If you plan to add new propane appliances to your home – a propane fireplace, for example – or if you plan to upsize any of the appliances currently in place, make sure the current tank has enough capacity to keep up with your increased energy demands without causing you to run out of fuel every few weeks.

If you’re ready to take the plunge on a propane-powered home within our service area, welcome to the neighborhood! Now power that home with reliable propane gas deliveries from Admiral Propane. Watch for our pink trucks this October as we honor Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019!

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