Can I Install a Propane Tank Myself?

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propane tank Sullivan County, TN When it comes to installing propane tanks, size matters. Portable cylinders—those tanks that are measured in pounds and are used for things like grills, RVs, patio heaters and fire pits—are definitely a DIY installation.

Swapping out an empty portable tank is easy, just follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

However, you can’t install a full-size propane tank yourself. That is strictly a job for professionals—like the team at Admiral. The main reason is safety: Improper work on equipment can result in a propane leak.

Experience Required

Propane tank connections are more complicated than they seem. Even if it looks like a simple project, a DIY installation could void warranties—or even your insurance. That could cost you a lot more than whatever you think you might be saving by hooking up a tank yourself. Our techs are trained and licensed, and when you need a new tank installed or any repair work, we’re here for you with quality workmanship and transparent and fair pricing.

Our team understands all the rules and requirements for the positioning and location of a propane storage tank, as well as making sure it has a level and stable base. We also know how to navigate the permitting process quickly and correctly.

Finally, we know how to test the system for leaks. Following the test and safety inspection, we’ll light any pilot lights, and check appliances for proper operation.

Under Pressure

The propane in your tank is highly pressurized, and your system uses a regulator to decrease the pressure as it enters your home. Different appliances work with different levels, and if you damage the regulator, it can result in a gas leak. That’s true whether pressure is too high or too low. The problems that result when pressure is too low are why we are required to do a pressure test after you have a runout.

In addition to moderating the pressure, the regulator helps maintain the correct ratio of propane and air to burn correctly. Modifications performed by a nonprofessional can result in the wrong ratios. When appliances are burning propane incorrectly, they produce carbon monoxide.

Size Matters

You may also want the advice of a pro when it comes to choosing the best size propane tank for your needs. If your propane storage tank is too small, you’ll need to order propane too often—or risk the cost and hassle of runouts. Getting a big tank means you’ll need fewer refills—and you may be able to avoid or lessen the sting from price spikes. But, a bigger tank is, well, bigger: you’ll need space to bury it. And if it’s above-ground, a huge tank can be less attractive. We can help you determine the best size for your needs based on the size of your home as well as how many appliances you’ll be fueling.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need to install a new tank or replace an old one, the team at Admiral has the expertise to handle everything for you, and we’ll make sure the job is done safely and properly. We’ll also make sure you always have the propane you need, when you need it, with convenient options to suit your lifestyle, including auto fill, will call and wireless tank monitoring.

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