How Long Do Underground Propane Tanks Last?

Several Factors Contribute to a Tank’s Shelf Life

propane tank installation greene county tn If you already use propane for your home, you are probably well-versed in all the benefits it has to offer. And if you’ve just bought a home that uses propane, you’re about to find out! From highly efficient heating to the precision of cooking on a gas range, to the ease and charm of a gas fireplace and the peace of mind of a backup generator, propane helps make your life more comfortable in a variety of ways. But what do you know about your propane storage tank?

If your propane storage tank is underground, you might not think about it very much. Out of sight out of mind, after all! If it came with your home, you might not even know how old it is. Does it need maintenance? When does it need to be replaced?

Of course, one of the key benefits of an underground tank is that it doesn’t detract from your home’s curb appeal. It can also be safer, depending on your home’s location. But it’s a little harder to know if there are any problems at-hand. As the Tri-cities’ propane expert , Admiral Propane is here for you, to make sure your tank is installed safely, and well-maintained, while offering reliable deliveries.

Here’s what you need to know about your underground tank:

The Typical Lifespan of a Propane Tank

Today’s propane tanks are built with safety and durability in mind. Underground propane tanks have a special anticorrosion coating to help extend their lifespan and they can last between 20 to 30 years on average, depending on the soil type and whether the tank was installed properly.

Correct installation of an underground tank should include sacrificial anodes—typically, we recommend one bag per 500 gallons. Anodes absorb natural electric currents in the ground and water that would otherwise corrode and deteriorate your tank.

Extending the Life of Your Propane Tank

If your tank has been installed correctly, it should require very little maintenance. That said, here a few simple guidelines for keeping your tank in good shape:

  • Have us perform regular annual maintenance to check regulators.
  • Have propane appliances serviced and connectors checked regularly.
  • Avoid letting your propane tank hit empty to avoid leaks.

Sign up for automatic delivery—or ask us about a wireless tank monitor—to ensure you avoid the inconvenience and expense of a run-out, too.

Should I Lease or Buy My Propane Tank?

When you own your tank, you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. With a leased tank from Admiral Propane, we take care of all of that. Plus, we’ll swap out your old tank when it needs to be replaced. Here are some other benefits of leasing a propane tank from us:

  • You’ll know that your propane tank is in good condition because it’s our responsibility to maintain it.
  • Our professionals put safety first and will make sure your tank is properly installed and maintained.
  • It’s affordable, with predictable monthly costs so you, personally, don’t face any surprise maintenance or repair bills!

Need a new propane tank? Admiral is here for you! Contact us today for more information or to get started.