Prep for Winter with a Full Propane Tank

How Much Propane Will You Need This Winter?

propane delivery kingsport, tnAutumn weather can be gorgeous—but those balmy days and crisp nights can suddenly turn cold. Make sure you’re ready for colder weather with a full tank of propane.

There are plenty of smart reasons to fill up your propane tank before temperatures start to fall.

One reason to fill up your tank in the fall is that you might be able to save a little money. As temperatures fall, demand goes up, and prices increase. Filling your tank now may help you avoid an expensive fill up later in the season.

It’s also a great item to knock that item off your to-do list. Fall is a busy time of year, and as it gets closer to the holidays the pace doesn’t slow down. Filling up your propane tank now means you won’t have to think about it—or worry about whether you’ve got plenty of propane for your fireplace for that impromptu get-together.

Speaking of impromptu get-togethers, make sure you’re ready for tailgating and football parties with a full cylinder or two. One of the great things about winter in the Tri-cities area is that grilling is an option almost year-round. We’ve got two convenient locations for cylinder refills or exchange.

All About Convenience

One reason Admiral has been the go-to choice for propane services in Greeneville, Blountville, and surrounding areas, is our reliable delivery service. We make deliveries as easy as possible, whether you call for a fill up or take advantage of our popular automatic fill service.

Automatic fill eliminates the hassles of watching your tank levels and scheduling a delivery. We use a proven system based on your average use and the weather to know when you’ll need a propane delivery. And, customers on automatic fill get a special price!

We also offer wireless tank monitoring: this option is great if your propane usage fluctuates a lot. It’s also great for vacation homes and even managing multiple properties. Simply use the app on your phone to get real-time data on your tank levels and request a delivery—or leave it to us.

How Much Propane will I Use?

If you’re new to propane, you may be wondering how much propane you might use in the winter. And the short answer is, it depends on what you use propane for. The three main things that influence your propane use are the weather, your home and appliances, and your lifestyle.

The weather is one area where you have the least control. If we have a colder-than-normal winter, you may use more use more propane, especially if you use propane space heaters or fireplace for supplemental heat.

Your lifestyle can affect your propane use too. One example is how warm or cool you like to keep your rooms. But other things can play into how much propane you’ll use, including having more people in your home over the holidays using more hot water, or spending more time away for a few weeks for an extended trip. And spending more time at home during the day, or using a second home later into the season, means you’ll use more propane as well.

Finally, the types of appliances you run use propane differently.

This chart can give you an idea of how much propane different equipment in your home can use. Keep in mind that these estimates are yearly averages, but these appliances will probably use more of their total propane during the winter months as compared to the other seasons of the year.

ApplianceGallons Used Yearly
Propane furnace1,000
Propane water heater250
Propane fireplace200
Propane stove/range35
Propane clothes dryer20

Check out this article to learn about some of the reasons you might use more propane than usual.

Need a Fill-up?

Ready for a fill up? Give us a call today. Our friendly customer service team will schedule a prompt delivery. They’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about automatic fill service, wireless monitoring, and more!