Latest COVID-19 Information

Updated: 8/14/2020

Dear Customers,

In this COVID-19 world, we are making sure our employees and their families are as safe as possible. I am sure you will agree that this is a monumental task, but we are trying our best. The employees at Admiral Propane have been issued masks to be worn at all times when at our office, at your house or on your property and at all times when at any public place. We have hand sanitizer on every truck, and we are using it both when getting into the truck, and when getting out. We also have gloves for protection if needed.

Our office doors are locked, but we are open for business 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and starting October 1, on Saturdays till noon. If you come to our office, we will furnish you a mask to take home if you do not have one. We are also practicing social distancing. Once you leave our office, we sterilize doors and counters. We feel our health and yours is the most important part of our relationship during these very difficult times.

All employees have been issued ample masks for all family members and friends, so that even though we have to live somewhat normal lives, we are trying to keep our customers in mind.

What can you do for us? If you or anyone in your family contracts this highly contagious disease, please let us know before we enter your home. If it is an emergency, we will take extra precautions to ensure we walk out with no exposure.

I guess we can say we are all in this together, so we must all work together to prevent any misfortunes.

Let’s keep safe together.

Andy Redus
Owner, Admiral Propane