Do You Have Hard-to-Heat Spaces in Your Home?

Take the Chill Off This Season with a Propane Space Heater!

space heaters north carolinaIf you need a smart solution for warming up hard-to-heat rooms, Admiral Propane has the answer. Propane space heaters are a safe and energy-efficient way to warm additions, in-law suites, and any rooms that don’t get sufficient heat from your main system. We also have options for unheated areas like garages, outbuildings, and sheds.

There are loads of benefits to these versatile heating units, and here are our top three:

1. Improve Comfort—Without Ductwork

Propane space heaters are easy to install and require no ductwork. We have a range of wall-mounted and free-standing models that deliver from 10,000 to 65,000 Btu’s to heat just about any sized space.

These aren’t rickety portable space heaters. Many units are self-adjusting, with variable-speed blowers to eliminate cold spots for consistent, even heat. Temperature-sensing technology means they can control Btu output, burning only as much gas as needed to maintain your desired temperature and save you money!

2. Heat Exactly When You Need It

Propane space heaters can help you keep a space in your home warm, even when the power is out. Don’t be at the mercy of the utility trucks when extreme weather knocks out the electricity!

3. Save on Monthly Heating Costs

Propane space heaters can warm a room quickly, while a central heating system can take 30 minutes or more to get to a comfortable temperature. In the fall or spring, a space heater can warm specific rooms on a chilly day rather than cranking up your heating system—and your heating bill.

With multiple units, we can help you set up a zoned heating system for your home, customizing how your home is heated, saving you energy and money.

Direct-Vent vs. Vent Free

While both types of heaters are great ways to provide supplemental heat for you home or hard to heat spaces, there are some differences that can affect your choice. Here’s what you need to know:

Direct vent space heaters are usually wall-mounted and direct exhaust fumes outside your home via a small pipe through an exterior wall. They offer precision control, with the ability to vary intensity and fan speed and some even come programmable thermostats and other automated settings. While they are more expensive to install, they can produce as much as twice the heat, although they can also be less efficient.

Since they don’t need to be placed on an outside wall, vent-free propane heaters offer greater installation flexibility, and they can be wall-mounted or freestanding. These units produce a fair amount of heat, but because they don’t vent exhaust outside your home, vent-free space heaters can only burn a certain amount of fuel per hour to operate safely. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to install vent-free heaters in rooms where people sleep for this reason, and some local building codes do not allow them to be installed at all.

The experts at Admiral Propane can answer all your questions and help you choose the right type of heater for your home, whether you’re in eastern Tennessee, Southern Virginia, or Northwest North Carolina. And you can count on us to install and service your propane space heater properly—along with all your propane needs. Contact us today for more information!