Keep An Eye On That Propane Gauge This Summer

—Or Let Us Do It For You!

tank monitor installation tennesseeJust because you don’t need to heat your home in the summer doesn’t mean you won’t use propane in the coming months—in fact, you may be surprised at how much of it you use for other appliances during the home heating offseason.

If you get a bill that’s higher than you expect this time of year, you might even think you have a leak in your system. While that’s possible (and something you should make the effort to rule out), most of the time you will have simply underestimated how much propane you’ve actually used.

To get an idea of how much propane you might use during summer, check out some of these averages for common appliances:

  • Gas cooktop/range @ 65,000 BTU/hour: 5 to 10 gallons per month
  • Built-in propane grill (four burner): .75 gallons/hour (all burners on medium)
  • Tankless water heater @40,000 BTU/hour: 1.5 gallons per day
  • Pool Heater (average size – about 21,000 gallons): 4 gallons/hour
  • Gas clothes dryer @ 35,000 BTU/hr: About one gallon per day when in operation

As you can see, the gallons can add up quickly—and if you’re not careful, you could run out of propane and need to restart your system (a requirement if you run out of propane).

But there’s an easy way to avoid that: install a propane tank monitor!

Propane Tank Monitors Provide Cost-Effective Peace Of Mind

Although propane use for home heating can vary with the weather, overall it typically falls within an average range from year to year. That’s when Automatic Fill can really come in handy. By contrast, propane use in the summer can vary considerably from day to day, since appliances aren’t used in a predictable way.

A propane tank monitor mounts to your tank and keeps track of how much propane is in your tank in real-time. That information is relayed to our delivery teams (and to you, via a smart phone app) so everyone knows exactly when you need a propane delivery.

Installing a propane tank monitor takes just a few minutes and costs just a few cents a day—contact us today to learn more about it. And remember that for the most reliable propane delivery in East Tennessee and the surrounding Tri-Cities area, trust the pros at Admiral Propane!