Who To Call for Propane Tank Installation

propane tanks tennesseeYou’ve probably replaced the portable propane tank on your grill dozens of times. It’s not hard—just make sure the gas is off, disconnect the empty tank, and connect the new one.

That said, it’s a little more complicated to replace a full-size propane tank that holds a couple hundred gallons. It’s no DIY project! Fortunately, when your full-size tank runs low, you don’t need to replace the whole tank—Admiral Propane provides reliable propane delivery service all around Blountville and beyond. But sometimes, you do need to replace your tank.

Whether you need to install a new tank or replace an old one, the team at Admiral has the expertise to handle everything for you, and we’ll make sure the job is done safely and properly. While you can trust us to take care of everything, there are a few upfront decisions you’ll need to make if you are considering a new propane tank.

What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

If your propane storage tank is too small, you’ll need to order propane too often—or risk the cost and hassle of runouts. Getting a big tank means you’ll need fewer refills—and you may be able to avoid or lessen the sting of price spikes. But a bigger tank is, well, bigger…so you’ll need space to bury it. And if it’s above ground, a huge tank can be less attractive to the aesthetics of your yard.

We can help you determine the best size propane tank for your needs based on the size of your Tri-Cities area home as well as how many appliances you’ll be fueling.

Aboveground or Underground?

The easiest way to go if you’re replacing an old tank is to use the same setup with the new one. But if it’s a new propane tank, here’s what to consider with either option:

  • To locate your tank underground, you need to budget for excavation costs and extra labor to bury your tank properly and safely. Underground tanks also require “sacrificial anodes,” which help prevent corrosion and are buried near the tank. The tank also needs to have a special anticorrosion coating and regular maintenance checks.
  • For aboveground tanks or standing tanks, you simply need to meet distance requirements and have appropriate permits. You may need to have a concrete base to provide stability, but it’s relatively inexpensive to add. Because your tank is aboveground, maintenance is easy. However aboveground tanks are more exposed to the elements, which can make them a little less durable if they’re subjected to extreme or extended heat and cold.
  • Aboveground tanks are extremely safe. They only require a periodic inspection for signs of damage or corrosion to avoid a leak.
  • Underground tanks are considered as safe or safer than aboveground tanks because they’re protected from extreme temperature fluctuations. They’re also safer in the event of a leak. Unlike oil, propane can’t harm soil or water, and since the tank is buried, leaking propane can’t escape into the air, causing a fire hazard.
  • Live in a flood-prone area? An aboveground tank is the safer option. That’s because an underground tank can float away if the water rises above the propane level in your tank. Aboveground tanks stand a few inches off the ground and are bolted down making it more stable and less exposed during flood conditions.
  • When you invest time and money in making your home and yard look nice, you don’t want a hunk of metal ruining the view. But sometimes there isn’t the space—or the budget—to bury your tank. We get it! We paint our tanks a tan shade that blends into the background. And we’ll work with you to help situate your tank at the side or the back of your home, in as unobtrusive a place as possible while adhering to safety rules.

Should I Buy or Lease My Propane Tank?

At Admiral, you have the option of buying your propane tank, or leasing it from us. The downside of owning your propane storage tank is that the responsibility for the tank is also yours. That includes maintenance, repairs, fees, safety checks, and more in addition to up-front purchase and installation costs. In fact, buying and installing your own tank could cost anywhere from $450 to $3,000, depending on its size and type!

On the other hand, when you lease your tank from Admiral, all the maintenance and repairs are handled by our experienced, in-house professionals.

Admiral Propane Makes Propane Tank Installations Easy!

Once you’ve made your decisions about size and location, we’ll take care of the rest. From permits to lighting your pilots after your first fill-up, we’ll make it look as easy as changing out your grill cylinder. Following testing and safety inspections, we’ll light pilot lights, check appliances for proper operation and answer any questions you may have about the tank installation, service arrangements or delivery schedules.

When we’re done, you’ll understand why homeowners throughout the Tri-cities area of eastern Tennessee, Greenville, and southern Virginia count on Admiral Propane to provide reliable fuel service.

Whether you decide on an aboveground or underground propane tank, know that the pros at Admiral can make selecting, installing, and maintaining your tank easy. And we’ll provide reliable propane delivery services, too. Contact us for more information today.

Should I Install a Propane Tank Monitor?

The Perfect Device to Avoid Propane Runouts!

propane monitor tennesseeRunning out of propane can be a real hassle. There’s the inconvenience, of course. Then there’s the cost of an emergency fill-up PLUS a leak test for safety. And even if your tank doesn’t hit completely empty, you could still face some real problems. When propane levels get too low, air can get into your system, which can lead to expensive damage.

Note: In general, you shouldn’t let your tank’s propane level go below 20%.

How Do I Avoid Running Out of Propane?

So, how do you avoid running out completely? Automatic Fill service is one way to avoid runouts. But…automatic deliveries aren’t the best solution for everyone.

If your propane use fluctuates, we can’t use our algorithm to best predict your needs. Customers who travel often or for extended periods, or those who run a rental property, tend to use propane inconsistently, using a lot one month and less at other times. Even things like using your propane hearth often can affect your usage. That’s why the real-time accuracy of our wireless propane tank monitoring service is so great!

How Does a Wireless Propane Tank Monitor Work?

Wireless tank monitors track the level of propane in your tank in real-time and transmit your usage via wireless cellular technology. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level—typically about 25-30% full—the monitor alerts us—and you—directly via a wireless mobile app.

In addition to timely alerts, the app gives you even more control and insight. You can use it to easily track and adjust your monthly energy consumption and better save on energy costs.

Call Admiral Propane Today for a Wireless Tank Monitor!

Even if you don’t use it to improve energy efficiency, a tank monitor can save you the expense and hassle of fuel runouts and take the guesswork out of knowing exactly when to order fuel—especially if you’re ordering propane for a second home…or you just forget to check your gauges!

A wireless tank monitor is easy to install, and we can have you ready to go in just a matter of minutes! Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of wireless tank monitoring and how we can get you set up 100% hassle-free.

When’s the Best Time for HVAC Repair?

The Answer Might Surprise You!

summer hvac service tennesseeYour heating system is probably the last thing you’re thinking about in July or August. However, the dog days of summer are a smart time to have us come in and take care of any problems you may have noticed but didn’t take care of quite yet. It’s a good time to schedule your seasonal tune-up, too!

Why A Summer Tune-up?

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the fall or mid-winter for heating equipment repairs:

  1. Those funny noises you were hearing last winter aren’t going to go away over the summer. And whatever is causing them could get worse! Having us come check it out now can help you avoid a major breakdown or a potential gas leak in the middle of winter when you need your heat the most.
  2. Summer is a traditionally less busy time for our heating repair technicians. That means it’s easier to get your choice of appointment.
  3. Most repairs don’t take long, but an out-of-stock part could slow down work. In summer, it’s no problem to be without heat for a few extra days.
  4. If we diagnose a more serious problem, you may need to replace your equipment rather than repair it. Again, doing the work during the summer means you won’t have to worry while we remove your old system and install a new one.
  5. The maintenance done now doesn’t “wear off” before the winter, so your system will be ready to go on the first chilly night. And, if we discover any potential problems, we can tackle them before they become bigger issues.

Don’t Forget Your Water Heater

Of course, you need hot water year-round. But that’s even more reason to make sure your water heater is working properly here and now. Tankless water heaters will serve you longer than a tank-type heater, but they do need regular system flushing to ensure they last.

Nip Heating Problems in the Bud

According to Murphy’s Law, if something can go wrong, it will—and usually at the worst time. But taking care of small problems over the summer can prevent them from becoming major breakdowns in the middle of winter—when your system is working it’s hardest.

Why wait? Contact the team at Admiral Propane today to make sure your heating equipment is tuned up and ready for fall.

Admiral Offers Quick and Easy Refills Right Nearby!

tank refills tennesseeMake no mistake…summer is outdoor entertaining season! Even on a weeknight, it’s nice to get out of the kitchen. But nothing puts a damper on the chilling and grilling like propane cylinder running on fumes. You need a propane refill station near you that offers propane when you need it—especially one that also offers affordable prices—and no lines!

Admiral has multiple convenient locations for fast tank refills in the Tri-cities and Greenville area.

BBQ Cylinder Refills and More Are Close By

If you use your propane grill frequently, Admiral’s propane refill stations can help ensure you always have enough propane in your tank so that you won’t run out during your next cookout or backyard barbeque.

Need a fresh propane cylinder for your camp generator or RV generator? Our propane refill and stations aren’t just for your BBQ tank. Propane cylinders and small tanks provide fuel for patio and deck heaters so you can enjoy your backyard earlier and later in the season.

Local businesses appreciate our efficient refill stations, too. Commercial customers that use propane cylinders for equipment like forklifts or landscaping equipment appreciate our quick and easy service to keep them on the job.

Where Can I Get a Propane Refill?

Admiral Propane’s two locations are in Blountville (Tri-Cities) & Greeneville, and we will happily fill your cylinder with up to 20-100 pounds of propane. 

Admiral Propane Blountville:
2002 Highway 75
Blountville, TN 37617

Admiral Propane Greeneville:
1145 Forest Street
Greeneville, TN 37664

You can also get our propane at one of our partner locations, listed below:

  • A & L RV, 4503 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN
  • A & L RV, 3269 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN
  • EG Trailer Sales, 4421 Bristol Highway, Johnson City, TN
  • Greene Farmers Co-op, 1414 W. Main St, Greeneville, TN
  • K.O.A., 425 Rocky Branch Rd, Blountville, TN
  • Old Creek General Store, 6700 Hwy 212, Marshall, NC
  • South West Tractor, 7601 Nickelsville Highway, Nickelsville, VA
  • Trailer King Sales & Service, 4081 Hwy 11E, Bluff City, TN

Safe, Easy Propane Refills

Refilling or exchanging your cylinder is a snap. Bring your empty tank to us during business hours whenever you need a refill.

Always remember to handle propane cylinders safely:

  • Don’t bring empty tanks inside—leave them in the car until your told to gather the equipment and bring it to a designated location.
  • All cylinders must be transported in an upright position after they are filled. Cylinders should not be transported lying down.
  • Do not leave a filled tank inside your car for any length of time, especially in the hot summer season.
  • We can’t refill tanks with excessive rust, corrosion, or other damage.

Whether you need a 20-gallon refill, or you want to buy an extra tank so that you always have a spare on-hand, Admiral is happy to help you with our convenient portable tank refill service. Contact us today for more information.

How To Save on Propane Next Winter

Our Budget-Friendly Plans Can Help You!

propane money savings north carolinaAdmiral Propane customers who’ve been with us for any length of time know we’re committed to customer service. We go out of our way to make sure we offer reliable deliveries and a range of programs designed to make your life easier—and make propane costs better manageable. This year will prove to be no exception. Amidst supply chain issues and geopolitical conflict, higher prices have been seen across the board—not just for the propane we deliver to your home but also at the gas pump and at the grocery store. While we can’t control the cost of fuel, we offer two easy ways to take the sting out of volatile fuel costs.

We know every household budget is different. Read on to see how each works and discover the best option for you:

Our Easy Payment Plan

Even when fuel prices are low, this plan always popular! That’s because our Easy Payment Plan is a smart way to manage winter heating oil and propane costs and avoid unexpected high invoices. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets or how much fuel you use!

We’ll look at your past fuel usage patterns, considering your expected gallons for the year at the current market prices. From there, we’ll spread your costs evenly over 11 months, from June to April. You could see winter bills nearly 50% lower by spreading out your payments. And because you are paying the same amount each month, it’s easy for you to budget your expenses. In May, we’ll adjust your payment to reflect additional usage—or apply a credit to your account if you used less fuel or prices were lower.

The point of the plan is to keep your fuel costs level and manageable, so even if we have a particularly harsh winter or prices spike, you’ll avoid big fluctuations and surprise high bills.

Our Pre-Buy Plan

With our Pre-Buy Plan, you buy your fuel before the heating season begins. And please don’t worry, we won’t deliver it all at once! This lets you take advantage of lower off-season pricing by locking in your per-gallon price ahead of time and eliminates worry over unexpected price jumps.

You’ll also be automatically enrolled in our automatic fill service, so you don’t even have to think about ordering. Don’t use as much propane as you paid for? We’ll credit you toward the next season!

The Bottom Line

No matter what happens with prices next winter, both of our price protection plans are designed to help you keep costs manageable. And even our Automatic Fill service helps you save! Automatic Fill customers pay 10-cents less per gallon, while will-call customers pay the market rate for their date of delivery, plus a per-gallon surcharge. Plus, with auto fill service, you avoid the worry of running out and the expense and hassle of pressure testing your tank and lines.

If you’d like to sign up for the Easy Payment or Pre-Buy Plans, spring is the time to enroll. Review your options here or contact Admiral Propane to learn about all the ways we can help you save.

Aboveground or Underground Propane Tank?

Making the Best Choice for Your Home

propane tank options north carolinaAre you adding or switching to propane for your Tri-Cities area home? It’s a great decision! Propane is a versatile, eco-friendly, and an incredible energy-efficient choice to power a variety of your home’s heating systems and supplemental equipment. The next big decision is whether you want an aboveground or an underground propane tank. While aesthetics might make putting your tank underground seem like the obvious option, safety and budget are important considerations. Here’s everything you need to consider before you make your choice.

Determining Your Budget

While the cost of the tank itself mainly depends on size, an underground tank will cost as much as twice the amount.

To locate a propane tank underground, you need permits, and you need to budget for excavation, including contractors and extra labor to bury your tank properly and safely. In addition, “sacrificial anodes,” which help prevent corrosion, need to be buried near the tank. An underground tank also needs a special anti-corrosion coating and regular maintenance checks.

An above-ground tank simply needs to meet distance requirements and have appropriate permits. Sometimes, a concrete base is needed for stability, but the cost is small, and we can usually handle it for you. Because it’s aboveground, maintenance is never a tall task.


Aboveground tanks are very safe; however, they are more exposed to the elements, which can make them a little less durable if they’re subjected to extreme or extended heat and cold.

Generally, underground tanks are considered “safer” than aboveground tanks. One main reason for that is that they are protected from temperature fluctuations. Underground tanks are also safer in the event of a leak. Unlike oil, propane can’t harm soil or water, and because the tank is buried, leaking propane can’t escape into the air, causing a fire hazard.

There are numerous other factors to consider, though. For example, if you live in a flood-prone area, an aboveground tank is the safer option. Aboveground tanks stand a few inches off the ground and are bolted down making it more stable and less exposed during flood conditions.

Curb Appeal

When you invest time and money in making your home and yard look nice, you don’t want a tank ruining the view. But sometimes there isn’t the space—or the budget—to bury your tank. We understand. Usually, we can help situate your tank at the side or the back of your home, in as unobtrusive a place as possible. And we also have all our tanks painted an attractive tan shade that blends in better than a stark white or silver tank.

Of course, “good-looking tanks” shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing the right company for your propane tank installation and subsequent deliveries. But combined with all the other convenient services we offer it shows that we care about our customers and are committed to delivering great and reliable service.

Find out more about all the great services Admiral Propane has to offer by contacting us today! We’ll help you get started.

Looking for Full-Service Fuel Provider?

We Are The Local Favorite in the Tri-Cities Area!

fuel supplier north carolinaIf your previous fuel provider left you high and dry this winter season, chances are you might be shopping around for a new company to partner with this year. And when you’re doing your research, there’s a lot to consider. National chains have slick advertising, but the headquarters are often several states away—as is the person answering the phone. You can go with a discounter and get a rock-bottom price, but you won’t get much else—and good luck getting anything more than voicemail when you call them. Neither have any ties to the communities they serve other than their wallets. That’s what makes Admiral Propane the right choice.

Local, Reliable Service Across the Region

Admiral has been the go-to choice for propane delivery, propane-powered appliance, and services in the Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia Tri-cities area for more than a quarter of a century. While we’ve grown—we have the capacity to store more than 200,000 gallons of propane between two storage facilities, with a fleet of fuel and service trucks to ensure prompt reliable service—we’re still locally based, and we support the communities we serve.

When it comes to propane delivery and service, we do the best job because we’re your neighbors, and we know where you’re calling from whether you’re in Blountville, Greeneville, or anywhere in-between!

Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing local makes sense:

  • Full-Service Reliability: As a local business, we can’t hide behind a call center or anonymous corporation. We offer dependable, safe propane deliveries with convenient options like automatic fill or wireless tank monitoring—or will-call if you prefer. And we’re here for you 24/7 for emergency service (because that’s what good neighbors do!).
  • Beyond Basics:Propane offers so much versatility, we help you take full advantage of this efficient fuel, something the discount dealers can’t offer. In addition to tanks, heating, and water heating systems, we can help you with a variety of appliances and equipment including log sets, and hearth products. And we take care of it all, including delivery, installation, service and repairs.
  • We Make It Easy: We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you. Hassle-free automatic billing and online accounts, smart pricing and payment plans to manage fuel bills, and easy fill-ups for portable cylinders are just a few of the ways Admiral Propane can help streamline your to-do list and help you save money.
  • Commercial: From agriculture and landscaping to manufacturing to restaurants, local businesses, Admiral is your partner, with a full range of commercial propane services.

As an independent, locally-owned business, we can—and do—put customers, not corporate headquarters, first. Contact Admiral Propane today and let us know how we can help.

Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

Just How Long Should My Water Heater Last?

water heater repairNobody thinks about their water heater until there’s a problem at-hand, but your water heater works hard for you daily. The typical American household uses between 60 and 65 gallons of hot water a day for bathing and showering, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning and other tasks. Your water heater produces that hot water, day in and day out.

That nonstop workload takes a toll, which is why the life expectancy for a conventional water heater with a tank is between 8 and 10 years. Not sure how old your unit is? Here’s how to check its age

  • Look for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. The first letter in the serial number corresponds to its month of production; the first two numbers is the year of production. For example, if the serial number on your water heater is H102738598, the “H” is the eighth letter in the alphabet and corresponds to August, the eighth month. The “10” stands for the year. So, your water heater was manufactured in August of 2010.

For a newer unit, a problem with a valve or the thermostat is an easy and inexpensive repair. However, replacing an old water heater makes more financial sense than repairing it. That’s because today’s high-efficiency water heaters will save you money in the long run.

5 warning signs from your water heater

If your water heater is nearing the decade mark, you should watch for these telltale signs and make plans to upgrade to a new water heater.

1. Reduced Efficiency and Performance

As your water heater gets older, you’ll notice it just doesn’t work as well as it did just a few years ago. You’ll see higher energy bills or notice that water isn’t typically getting as hot as it should. It’s at this point those repairs may begin to outweigh replacement, and it’s a good indication that even bigger problems may soon follow.

2. Rust

Is the heated water that comes from your tank rusty? That’s a big danger sign because it means that your water heater is corroding. Corrosion can lead to a tank failure and all the hassle and expense that goes with it. Contact us immediately to help address the issue.

3. Leaks

If you notice water around the base of your water tank, the likely culprit is a leak in the tank—the result of corrosion. Turn off the tank’s water supply and contact us right away for an inspection of your water heater.

4. Strange Noises

Rumbling noises in your water heater tank are a common sign of sediment buildup in your tank. That sediment can reduce your water heater’s efficiency, and, if left unattended, will lead to corrosion that can reduce the lifespan of your water heater. Contact us for a service call.

5. Hard water

“Hard” water contains higher amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals and it can leave ugly spots on your flatware and glasses, dull your laundry, and cause dry, itchy skin. It can also cause lime buildup in your water heater, reducing its efficiency and shortening its lifespan.

Ready for a New Water Heater?

If any of those signs are familiar to you, and you want to start thinking about replacing your water heater, Admiral Propane can help. We sell, install, and service energy-efficient tank water heaters and high-efficiency tankless water heaters. And we can help you take advantage of valuable rebates, too.

Tankless water heaters offer several advantages. Tankless water heaters save energy by instantly heating water when you need it, rather than keeping a large tank hot all the time. As a result, you can enjoy virtually unlimited hot water—while seeing savings of up to 40%! They also last twice as long (or longer!) than a traditional tank-style water heater.

You don’t want to wait for your water heater to fail to replace it. And like other essential equipment in your home, such as your refrigerator, you don’t want to go long without it. If you think it’s time, let us help you improve your energy efficiency and comfort with a new water heater! Contact Admiral Propane today to get started. 

Is Propane a Smart Choice for Fueling Forklifts?

5 Reasons Businesses Prefer Propane Over Diesel or Electric Power

gas forklift service north carolinaWhether you need to get merchandise off trucks and onto shelves, or move building materials quickly and efficiently around worksites, all kinds of businesses rely on forklifts every day. And many of those businesses have discovered the advantages of using propane to fuel their forklifts. From powerful performance advantages to time-saving convenience and efficiency, propane for forklifts can keep your operation running smoothly—with significant savings over diesel or electricity. A propane cylinder exchange program with Admiral Propane makes it easy to capitalize on all these benefits!

Here’s Why Propane is Better for Your Bottom Line

  1. Power. Unlike electric forklifts, propane powered ones will operate at 100% power if there’s propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts lose power as the battery drains. And when it’s out of power, it can take eight hours—or longer—to recharge. With a propane forklift, refueling takes merely minutes. All your employees must do is replace the empty cylinder with a full one, and the forklift is back on the job.

    Propane-powered forklifts also perform better at handling heavier loads and are more capable when it comes to inclines.

  2. Cost-effectiveness. Faster refueling means less downtime. Plus, Admiral provides bulk propane delivery with volume discounts, making propane even more affordable. Charging stations for electric forklifts take up space and require large up-front investments.

    Propane-fueled forklifts also require less maintenance and downtime for repairs than gasoline or diesel-powered ones.

  3. Safety. Propane forklifts are safe to use both indoors and outside. Gasoline-powered forklifts cannot be operated indoors, and electric forklifts are inefficient outdoors and can’t operate in wet conditions. That’s why the best option for top performance indoors or out is a propane forklift!
  4. Environmental friendliness. Propane forklifts emit dramatically fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered forklifts. In the rare event of a propane leak, there’s no on-site nor environmental damage. Meanwhile, about 40% of the country’s electricity generation comes from coal-fired power plants, making electric forklifts not as green as people may think they are.
  5. Versatility. Propane’s versatility is a plus for your business or job site. In addition to forklifts, propane can be used to power a wide range of equipment, including:
    • Welding equipment
    • Commercial mowers
    • Asphalt heaters
    • Concrete grinders, saws, polishers, trowels, and dust extractors
    • Pressure washers
    • Small cranes
    • Water pumps
    • Floor buffers

Ready to Get Started?

Our propane pros will evaluate your business’s needs for propane forklift cylinders and give you a quote for a customized cylinder exchange program. With our no-charge lease program, we’ll set up sturdy, safe storage cages for your cylinders. We thoroughly train your workers in the safe handling of propane cylinders. You’ll get the cylinders you need, right when you need them.

Businesses across eastern Tennessee and Southern Virginia rely on the experts at Admiral Propane for propane forklift cylinder exchange services. Let us put that experience to work for you. Contact us today to learn about how our propane forklift cylinder exchange can help your business!

Did You Know Automatic Fill Is a FREE Service?

We Can Help You Take the Worry Out of Winter!

automatic fuel delivery tennesseeWith life-shifting back towards normal, the pace is quickly picking back up. We know you’re busy! And we know it’s easy to forget little tasks like checking the fuel gauge on your propane tank. Unfortunately, running out of propane is not a little problem. 

There’s the inconvenience, of course. But there’s also the need to pay for an emergency fill up, PLUS a mandatory leak test for safety. And depending on what you use propane for, you could be out of heat during a cold snap, risking frozen pipes and the resulting mess and costly repairs.

Admiral has a solution that takes that tiny to-do off your list for good, and at the same time eliminates all those big worries. Our Automatic Fill service is 100% FREE—and it’s an easy way to make your life a little easier this winter!

The Benefits of Automatic Fill

The main benefit of Automatic Fill service is that you don’t need to remember to schedule propane deliveries. We use proven industry methodologies to calculate your propane usage. Additionally, we take that past usage and factor it alongside the real-time weather patterns to make sure we fill your tank on time, every time. Usually, that’s means we’ll be there when your tank is about one-quarter (25%) full.

Since our calculations are based on your average usage, it’s important for you to let us know of any changes that would result in a big shift in propane use. An extended vacation, more or fewer people living in your home or spending more time at home all day, or new propane appliances or hearth products can all change your propane use.

Another nice benefit? Customers signed up for Automatic Fill get a special rate.* Ask us today for more information?

So, what’s the catch? What’s in it for us? Firstly, there’s no catch. It simply makes things easier on our end too! We’re better able to plan deliveries, using the most efficient routes. That saves time and money, savings we can then pass on to you.

Total Peace of Mind with Tank Monitoring

Don’t want to think about your propane use at all? For a small monthly fee, you can also lease a wireless tank monitor. It tracks your usage in real-time and alerts us when it’s time to fill your tank. You don’t have to let us know if you’re going away or having extended family stay for a while. The tank monitor even has an app for your smartphone, so you’ll get a text or email to let you know your fuel level is getting low, or you can use it to check your current propane level and monitor your use to manage bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Running out of propane can be more than a nuisance. It can be a very expensive mistake. With automatic fill, you can drastically reduce the odds of having one while also saying goodbye to the hassles and headaches of managing your propane deliveries.

What’s not to like? Don’t risk a run-out—contact us to sign up for Automatic Fill service for your Tennessee or North Carolina home from Admiral Propane, today!